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Hula Hoop Testimonials

Foxy TV interviews with Susan, Owner of Hoop Freak at the Aloha Festival at Northridge Park. She talks about her business of custom designed hula hoops and hula classes. You can check her out and order your custom designed hula hoop at 
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-Shannon Fox

"I own a yoga/pilates studio in Bakersfield. I accidently came across a hula hooping video on you tube and was instantly enchanted. I spent the next 4 months looking for a teacher. There was nothing available in Bakersfield so I began a search in other areas. I luckily found Susan site-praise be to the internet-LOL. She was easy to get a hold of as well very accommodating to my needs. We planned a future trip for her to spend a weekend in Bakersfield.

Susan is an amazing teacher and took a pure beginner and turned me into a hoop dancer. She understands how to connect with her students and create an air of freedom to express yourself through dance. 
This week-end began a life long journey for me. A very personal step that is healing and freeing of the spirit. Susan will always be my teacher and my friend, How lucky was I to have her time for an entire weekend. She inspired me in so many ways and I continue to practice daily. I check in with her often and stay connected.

There is no better teacher, person and inspiration to work with as Susan. Thank you for what you gave me Susan - I will always be grateful. Hooping ROCKS!"

-Antoinette L. Bakersfield, CA

"I love hoop freak! I received my first hoop lesson from hoop freak in 2007. She is very passionate and makes you comfortable when you are learning.I loved it instantly. Since then I have progressed as a hooper and performed professionally. Her hoops are the best designed I have friends who have ordered from other websites and they are not as pretty or made as well as my hoop. I have ordered 4 total one for myself and 3 for friends and family and all of them have turned out beautifully! Thanks Hoop Freak."

-Tiffany Z. Van Nuys, CA

"I LOVE my Hoop! My sister got me a hula hoop for Christmas and I have to say... it has been one of my most memorable gifts ever! I never thought having a hula hoop would be so awesome."

-Zack E. Oklahoma city, OK

"I'm an older woman, love my two hula hoops that Sue made for me, it keeps me active and it is fun to do I love my hula hoops, I'm really good at it too, because of Sue's instruction and patience."

-Jean E. Age 63 Azusa, CA

 "My hula hoop is really fun I love it. It's my favorite colors! One time my dad walked in my room while I was playing with it and he asked if he could try. He started doing it and it was really funny! My mom came to see what I was laughing at and saw dad hula hooping like a crazy person. She wanted to try as well! Thanks Susan for bringing my family together with something that is fun and active!" 

-Cheyenne R. Age 9 Mustang, OK 

"Sue, I respect you so much as a friend as as a business woman. You are so smart and you will succeed in everything you do because of your tenacity. You are the most amazing "hooper" NO the best I have ever seen."

-Leah S. Ventura, CA

"Sueness, you live, eat, breathe and are hooping. On top of that, you are an amazing teacher."

-Shawna W. Winnetka, CA 

Sue, the lovely owner of Hoop Freak is awesome at what she does, creating, making, and performing with hula hoops! I've been a student of martial arts and Pilates for years and was interested in core strength exercises and fun (Who doesn't want to have fun while working out?) and my instructor suggested a hula hoop. I was introduced to Sue by mutual friends when she was visiting the bay area and she gave me a lesson on how to hula hoop after not having hooped for oh, 20+ years. With her guidance I picked it up immediately. I eventually ordered a hula hoop from her and she was very thorough and detailed in what I was specifically looking for color and design wise and sent me examples of other hoops she has made and suggestions on the weight and size for my skill level. If you imagine it, she will create it. Not only was I impressed at how she was able to create exactly what I wanted from our email communications, but at how quickly she finished it and sent it to me. Therefore she is not only a great listener and artist, but a great businesswoman too. As for the hula hooping on my side I love it! Reliving your youth is not always a bad thing while getting some core strength thrown in with a unique and fine looking hula hoop made by Sue of Hoop Freak.  smiley face 

- Paula P. San Francisco, CA

"Sue is a dear friend and fellow hooper. I'm always inspired by her technique and style! Thanks Sue for making my new favorite hoop!  smiley face"

-Kim D. Hollywood, CA

"I never thought I would know someone who is a "Professional Hooper" in my life until I met Sueness! She takes her work seriously, and is a fantastic Hula Hooper. I am excited she was able to turn this fun passion of hers into a great respectable business." 

- J.Trox Oshkosh, WI

"Thank you so much for your amazing talent and inspiring me to get back into the hoop. Brought 2 of your hoops to LV and they held-up to 20+ hrs of hooping this weekend - about half of which was outside in the desert heat. No warping no loose connections no nothing. They still look brand new! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ♥"

- E. Macauley Forest Falls, CA

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