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About Hoop Freak

Hello! My name is Susan Edwards aka the "Hoop Freak". Thank you so much for visiting my website and taking the time to learn more about me and my business of custom designed handmade hula hoops.

I began my love affair with hooping in 2001 when I saw my first hoop dancer at a music festival. Since then I have become a hoop dance performer, hoop dance instructor and hula hoop maker.
As a hoop dancer, I perform with the fire hoops, light up hoops, and the custom designed hula hoops you can purchase here on my site. I have hoop danced across the United States with the Lollapalooza tour, and performed at many different festivals and events. I have performed at private parties, children's birthday parties, fundraisers, parades and more.
As an instructor I teach all ages and all levels of hula hoop dance classes and "hoop fit" exercise classes. I also give workshops throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. I have been instructing since 2007.
When I first began making hoops, it was only for myself and a few close friends. Soon more and more friends were requesting hula hoops, then friends of friends, and so on. Now I'm hooked. I enjoy making the hula hoops almost as much as I enjoy actually hooping!
I create all kinds of hula hoops for all kinds of people, but my true motivation lies in creating custom hoops. I love having the freedom to design a hoop based on someones personality and/or favorite colors. I like to experiment with different materials and come up with new patterns and designs. I have all kinds of fun tape in wild animal prints, skulls, flames, polka-dots, camouflage, plaid, checkers, and even Hello Kitty! I have these tapes in limited amounts so they are not always shown here on the site. Please contact us to find out what we have available.

I'd also like to create themed hula hoops, hoops with meaning. Hoops influenced by something specific. For example:
A favorite song: “Edge of the Deep Green Sea” One of my favorite Cure songs.
A favorite movie: Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Griffindor colored hoops for Harry Potter.
A favorite food or drink: Banana split, Tropical Punch etc...
Planets: Mars-Varying swirls of bright/bold oranges and reds.
Feelings: Peaceful-Cloud/sky colors. Melancholy-Soft muted blues and greys.
Astrological signs: Associated sign attributes and colors.

Seasons, Sports Teams, School Colors, anything you can think of.

The possibilities are endless!!!!
If you have a custom themed hoop design in mind, please use our Contact Form and make a request!

Forever spinning on that dizzy edge...


Image By: Frog Song Photography

Image By: Frog Song Photography
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